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Colombia authorizes export of dried cannabis flowers

The President of the Republic, Iván Duque, signed the decree that regulates and authorizes the export of the dried flower of cannabis for medicinal purposes. The most important change is that the export of dried flower will be allowed, since until now it was only allowed to export derivatives and finished products.

The importance of this decree lies mainly in the high demand for dried flower in the international market, greater than the demand for derivatives.

In addition, it is good news for the industry because the production of derivatives requires a larger investment than is necessary for the production of the flower.

The new decree replaces Decree 613 of 2017. Among the modifications, the new measure strengthens the requirements for the granting of a license are the requirement of an anti-corruption commitment to those who request the license, the creation of a license to manufacture non-psychoactive derivatives of Cannabis to improve tracking and traceability; and the establishment of measures to protect and strengthen small and medium producers, as well as growers.

The transfer of Cannabis to free zones is also authorized so that it can be cut, dried and carry out transformation, packaging and repackaging activities. In addition, it regulates the safe and informed use of this plant.

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