Cannabis consulting services

In recent years, new producers, workers, dispensaries, authorized stores, regulations, reliable cannabis resources, and strains have entered the Cannabis business that makes integration necessary for business optimization.

INNOVA develops applications that allow safe commerce and the integration of all the participants of this business and once it allows integrating Bluetooth devices, smartphones, tablets, lights, among other devices.


Process Manufacturing ERP Software

Material Requirements Planning

The integrated Material Requirements Planning functionality allows more efficient and effective use of resources, by factoring in all the supply requirements, demand, and projections of your business. Its goal is to help you plan production, purchase, and availability-to-promise.

Formula and Recipe Management

Maintain and develop formulas and recipes, including physical properties, versions and revisions, production notes, setup instructions, and quality control tests. View labor, material, and overhead costs, and generate Certificates of Analysis (CofA) from a single solution.

Manufacturing Execution

Manage and prioritize the manufacturing at the batch and work order level, accounting for organics, allergens and other attributes, line loss and efficiency, by-products and co-products and all aspects of an efficiently run operation.

Production Scheduling

Simplify production scheduling with automated schedule generation, color coding for work order status, and drag-and-drop rescheduling. Several batches can be selected and reprogrammed simultaneously, in addition to being able to see all the steps of the route within the programming.

Maintenance, Repair and Operations

Manage both emergency and scheduled/preventative maintenance performance of the machine. Includes MRO inventory, work order generations, scheduling, and historical tracking of work performed.

Field Service

If your company provides customers with on-site service, in conjunction with its products, Field Service Software can automate billing scheduling and reporting of tasks being performed in the field.

An All in One Solution

  • Lot and plant tracking from seed to sale for regulatory compliance
  • Real-time inventory control
  • R&D functionality to support the creation of new extractions, infusions, and concentrates
  • Comprehensive accounting and financial reporting
  • Established formula and recipe management
  • Identification, tracking, and management of costs throughout the production process
  • Intelligent reporting tools for in-depth analysis and forecasting
  • Quality control and recall preparedness

It allows recording each step from harvest to sale without the information being modified through blockchain technology.

You can store, measure, and analyze all related data such as the amount of water, weather conditions, drying, packaging, who is the seller.

It is carried out with intelligent sensors that measure all the elements and document the step by step of production with videos and photographs. This allows transparency in the processes and raising the standards of safety and quality of the final product.


INNOVA provides regulatory review and general industry and project consulting before initiating the financial model and business plan. Based on current regulations and industry best practices, INNOVA provides recommendations for the Client’s business formation, business operations, potential site location, size, production capabilities discuss other project goals and deliverables.


INNOVA develop a financial model based on numbers, figures, and statistics from developed and operating legal cannabis markets. The financial model estimate adoption rates, demand, potential production, revenue figures, and other information commonly associated with a financial model. INNOVA will deliver a base model with assumptions geared for the application submission.


Creation of business plan based on Client input, the cannabis industry, and business knowledge. INNOVA provides a customized business plan utilizing regulated cannabis industry best practices and in compliance with regulations.


Cultivation Facility Conceptual Design

  • INNOVA provides expertise in designing a cultivation facility that aligns with the Client’s business model and cultivation strategy, resulting in a concept floor plan suitable for project planning.
  • INNOVA uses previous knowledge and experience designing state-of-the-art regulated cannabis Cultivation facility design is based on horticulture industry best practices.
  • INNOVA design the facility to be scalable, to optimize growth strategies, to streamline operations, and to maximize workflow.
  • INNOVA design the facility with adherence to all applicable regulations.

Extraction Facility Conceptual Design

  • INNOVA provides expertise in designing the facility layout, architectural requirements, federal or local safety, and regulatory building.
  • INNOVA creates and implements hazardous waste protocols for proper disposal in conjunction with a cohesive layout.
  • INNOVA provides expertise in designing the Processing/Extraction Facility floor plan and equipment layout, incorporating building code/local safety and regulatory requirements, resulting in a concept floor plan suitable for project planning.
  • INNOVA provides analysis and recommendations regarding solvent use, odor management, power requirements, water and sanitation requirements, and environmental impacts.

Dispensary Conceptual Design

  • INNOVA provides space planning and design expertise, with recommendations about the Client’s desired retail experience and back-of-house workflow, resulting in a custom concept floor plan suitable for project planning.
  • INNOVA uses previous knowledge and experience designing regulated cannabis retail dispensaries based on the cannabis industry and commercial retail best practices.
  • INNOVA design the floor plan with adherence to all applicable regulations.
  • INNOVA assists the Client with the writing and submission of the application for a cannabis business license ensuring all requirements are met.
  • INNOVA utilizes resources to provide content and responses to application questions and requirements. Application content and responses provided by INNOVA will be developed utilizing previous industry knowledge and experience as well as best practices from the regulated cannabis industry. Application responses provided by INNOVA strictly adhere to all cannabis regulations.
  • INNOVA assists the Client in compiling all required business documents for application submission.
  • INNOVA assists the Client with the compilation and development of other documents or materials as required for the application.
  • INNOVA can assist the Client in license applications for:
    • Cultivation
    • Extraction
  • Transportation/Delivery

INNOVA provides the following application/operations documents that are developed using best practices from the regulated cannabis industry and are customized to regulatory needs

  • Employee Policy Manual
  • Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace Policy
  • Code of Conduct Policy and Personal Hygiene Policy
  • Security Plan
  • Documentation Log Sheets and Record-Keeping Templates

Operational Deployment Activities

Development of a Cultivation Plan/Schedule

Cultivation Deployment Functions

Operational Workflow Standard Operating Procedures Customization

Cultivation SOPs

Extraction Deployment Functions

Extraction SOPs

Dispensary Deployment Functions

Operational Workflow Standard Operating Procedures Customization

Retail Dispensary SOPs

Facility Staffing Solutions

Integrated Information Technology Solutions,
product development, and IT services.

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